Project recruitment business cooperation online

Project recruitment business cooperation online

For more than four months, Wu Bin and Cui Geng jointly wrote such a book.

It was just a small booklet, but every word in it was meticulously crafted—a thousand words of gold.

For some reason, Wu Bin suddenly had an idea. He wanted to give Boss Pei a title like in a fantasy novel.

Pei Qian, the Silent and Lonely Expresser, Pursuer of Art, Breaker of the Zero-Sum Game, Interpreter of the Tengda spirit, Pioneer of Healthy Living, Investor of Dreams, Advertiser in the Era of Peace, He who Truly Controlled Wealth, Light of Domestically-Produced and Standalone Games...

It might seem a little strange, but every title was appropriate!

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Print it on the last page of the book as an Easter egg.

Wu Bin let out a sigh. It was finally done!

The Tengda spirit might continue to expand in the future, but this book had summarized things that Tengda employees would probably take a long time to learn.

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“I have asked Ma Yiqun to urgently publish it. They should be on time. In the most optimistic case, they could be done within a week!

“The Zhongdian Chinese Network would pay for it. Every core staff employee would have one copy each so that everyone could better learn from the Tengda spirit!”

Wu Bin was very satisfied with his work.

Who said that the HR department was a lackey, henchman, or a lapdog?

I am also contributing to Tengda and to society at large!

The group leaders who had the same experience as Chen Sha were no longer in the minority.

After Lin Wan approached them and asked them to test the game, most of them immediately objected.

Are you thinking of making us test the game without paying us?

Are you trying to get it for free?

However, because of their own pride, many people still decided to download the game and play it.