Xue Zhiqian speaks online

Xue Zhiqian speaks online

“W, wow…”

“This is, really…”

『…… a festival?』

Tables are lined up and the food is served on many platters, making it look like a standing room only party.

You can feel the excitement from the people who have already gathered, and in some places, musical instruments were being played.

The moment Karui noticed me and Sadiz and raised her voice, the other people who had gathered there all greeted me with smiles and applause.

“Whoa, he’s here, nova boy!”

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“Oh, congratulations!”


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There was applause in the arena, but at that time I was swallowed by the excitement of the match, and I could easily go with the flow to raise my voice and wave.

However, once I calmed down, I was more confused when I was suddenly hit with this much heat.

One after another, the guy of the dojo, the sisters, and the uncles and aunts in town whose names I didn’t even know were applauding, clapping my shoulders and shaking my hands.

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“Oh, you’re here! Excuse me!”



“Make way for Earth!”

Breaking through such a crowd, Mortriage’s crew came rushing to me, and without my consent, the four of them lifted me up.