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Sudou declared that, showing hostility against Horikita. Personally, I think that even though he feels that it’s dangerous to not study, he was more insulted by her words about basketball.

Of course, Horikita wouldn’t apologize so easily. There’s no one that would openly brag about having been wrong with their own mouth.

“I think you are wrong, Sudou-kun.”


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Instead of apologizing, she only added more fuel to the fire.

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“However, our antipathy for each other is only trivial in this situation. I will teach you for my sake. You will study for your sake. Is that bad?”

“Do you really want to move up to class A? To go as far as to invite me.”

“Yes. Otherwise, who would choose to be concerned with you?”

At Horikita’s blunt words, Sudou got more mad.

“I’m busy with basketball. Even before a test, the others don’t take a break in order to study. I can’t afford to fall behind while I’m off studying.”

Having predicted that Sudou would say such words, Horikita took out a piece of paper and showed it to him. It was a detailed schedule until the day of the test.

“At the last study session, I learned that regular method of studying didn’t work for you. None of you understand the basics of the topics. It’s like taking a frog and introducing it to the ocean. The frog doesn’t know where to start. Also, I understand that taking time away from your hobbies adds to your stress. Therefore, I thought of a plan to address that problem.”