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After walking for five minutes, I arrived at the store. Making my way to the game corner, I looked at the TV in the store that had the news on. …I’m not a gamer that really cares about the display lag, but I am fascinated by good TVs.

At that moment, a game commercial played on the TV. After watching it to the very end, I arrived at the game corner. However…

“(As I thought, Tendo-san doesn’t seem to be here…)”

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I would be able to tell if Tendo-san was here in an instant because of her easily recognizable blonde hair and blue eyes. But then again, there were so many people, so I wouldn’t know unless she was nearby.

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Looking through the store, I checked the shelves, made sure that Kurikure 3 wasn’t there, and so I should now—

“Do you have the game Tartar Sauce Binge Drinking!?”[3]

—leave, but at that moment, I overheard another person asking about a game at the cash register. Acting on a hunch, I peeked through the shelves and looked at the situation. Over there…

“It’s Tartar something! No, it might not even be Tartar!”

“Uh… yes?”

—The male actor was annoying the clerk and putting him on the spot.

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The clerk looked new to the job and looked around for his co-workers, but no one was around. Meanwhile, he—Miyamoto-san kept repeating strange titles.

…I just want to leave. I have things to do. But…

“…Uh, I think this person is trying to ask for the recently released game, Crystal Cradle 3. Do you have any copies in stock?”

“Oh, you’re…”

“P-please wait a bit.”

While Miyamoto-san was still surprised, the clerk searched for the game. Miyamoto-san turned to me with a smile at the chance encounter.

“This is good fortune! A blessing!”