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“It’s a complete over! Your social life is in ruins, not to mention your place in the romantic comedy!”

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“T-This is just a misunderstanding, Uehara-kun. I…I was possessed back then!”

“There’s literally no misunderstanding! What kind of poor excuse is that! Keita Amano, you suck!”

“Uh, I thought that can cheer her up…!”

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“You thought that can ‘cheer’ her up so you can bang her? That’s what a rapist would think!”

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“Moreover, she was the one that seduced me first. I think she’s at fault too.”

“You’re a total prick! Everything terrible came out of your mouth today!”

“Then, Tendou-san saw me doing that. …Now, I want to ask for your opinion, Uehara-kun. Do you think Tendou-san and I can still be back together?”

“I can’t believe you got the nerve to ask this right now! Are you insane! That’s scary! Keita Amano, even though I always felt that you’re crazy, but that’s too horrible!”

“…Hmm, …Uehara-kun, if it was you, I feel like you can use a more creative and relaxed tone to ask Konoha-san to do something erotic, right…”

“What the hell was that! Stop it! That’s hurting my image real bad! I’ll quit hanging out with you-“

“…Sigh, to a loner, it’s indeed hard to joke with someone else…”

“…What? A-A joke?”

Due to that, we need to wrap everything up once again. I sat back down, and Amano explained everything in 3 minutes. Finally, his suspicion of being a rapist was lifted. However…

“…Really. In the end, Tendou brutally rejected you once again.”

“Yeah, …that’s right.”

Amano looked afar as he nodded. He doesn’t understand why Tendou’s doing this, and it seems like he already ran out of options. As for me, I stared at his face as I finished up the remaining coffee.

(However, …I think I can theorize Tendou’s reasoning for a bit. But, I don’t believe these things should be explained by an outsider.)

I already understood how terrible it can be to interpret other people’s relationships on your own, and in a painful way. I learned my lesson too.