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Pei Qian immediately replied: “How is that possible? Aren’t you the one who set the game genre, theme, story background, and even some design details?”

He An quickly replied, “Boss Pei, don’t be so humble. I’m recalling the scene back then. You must have used a special psychological suggestion method, right?”

“You asked me what the coolest game genre is now. At the same time, Tengda has not developed RTS games before. Therefore, I subconsciously directed my thoughts to RTS!”

“The content after that is about the same. Boss Pei, you have already thought about the details of the game’s design. However, you insisted on saying a plan that looked relatively easy and deliberately lured me to talk about a more difficult plan. In fact, you have already planned the most difficult plan!”

“Therefore, on the surface, it looks like I have confirmed the framework and many details of ‘Mission and Choice’, but in fact, I only confirmed these details with your guidance and psychological hints.”

“Otherwise, how could they create such a successful game by gathering all the failed elements? That doesn’t make sense!”

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He An sounded very confident, as if he had seen through Pei Qian’s despicable intentions.

However, Pei Qian’s mouth was slightly agape. There was no way he could explain himself.

“What the f*ck...”

He An’s continuous analysis stunned Pei Qian. He could not think of anything to refute.

Obviously, He An had adjusted Pei Qian’s level to an unlimited height. It was useless no matter how Pei Qian explained.

He An continued, “I might have been made a joke by you again, but I’m still very happy! I didn’t think that you would really be able to turn something rotten into something magical. You gathered all the elements that were bound to fail and turned the situation around!”

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“I’m genuinely happy that a genius like you has appeared in domestically-produced games! I’ll stop talking. I’ve already bought tickets. Today, I’ll invite my old friends to watch ‘Mission and Choice’ for the second time!”

Pei Qian: “...”

It was hopeless.

‘Mission and Choice’ became popular with the game. Gamers wanted to watch the plot of the movie again. Those who had watched the movie wanted to play the game...

The gamers received double the joy and only left Boss Pei with double the pain.