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“Wasn’t Ike acting suspicious from a little while ago? Maybe he is hiding something after all!”

“What!? I’m… I’m hiding nothing! If you want to search me, then search!”

Spreading his arms and pleading his innocence. Hey, now… If he keeps talking like that….

“Well, let’s search. Hirata, could you do it please?”

“All right. However, you girls must understand one thing. If we find nothing here, then from now on I would like you to stop investigating the boys constantly.”

This was the worst outcome. Under the supervision of the girls began a physical examination of Ike, Yamauchi and me. Of course the underwear won’t be found on Ike and Yamauchi. They didn’t move against Hirata’s careful examination and he was able to inspect every corner. And finally my turn came. It was too late to escape from this. I guess it was me that put myself in this situation after all. I wish I could turn back and redo things.

No… Not really. There was no turning back now. So, I should bet on the possibility that Hirata might overlook even by 1%! (MISSING)I decided to stay still like a dead fish and be examined by Hirata as he was slowly checking my upper body.

And then, Hirata put his arm inside the back pocket where I put the underwear.

——— Has he finished?

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Resignation started. Without a doubt, Hirata’s arm was transmitting the sensation of feeling the underwear. Although I wasn’t sure if that was really the underwear and not just the sensation, it was enough suspicious that a rolled-up piece of cloth was in the pocket. Hirata, whose body stiffed for a moment, looked into my eyes. But after our gaze entangled in a moment in which even one second didn’t pass, Hirata, examining my jersey without taking the underwear out, turned his head to the girl.

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“Ayanokouji doesn’t have it either.“

Saying this, he started walking towards Shinohara. Ike and Yamauchi surprisingly exchanged looks.

“These guys didn’t have it.”

“That’s strange… I thought it would be someone from those three. But if Hirata-kun says so…”

If Hirata who’s overflown with sense of justice isn’t telling a lie, Shinohara had no choice but to believe it.

“It should be fine once I tidy up the luggage. We can discuss if from then on.”

After all the inspection ended, I hurriedly returned inside the tent. Soon after Hirata came along.

“Hirata… Why didn’t you tell them?” I honestly asked.