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“At such times, everyone makes excuses like, ‘I was drunk’, but it doesn’t matter whether they were drunk or not. Rather, the words that come out when drunk and loose of reasoning are the true nature of that person. People around you will recognize that as your human nature.”

“…… Yes.”

“This time, Little man was so elated by his victory, that he even said things that he didn’t mean to say… maybe that was unavoidable, but that’s what I think because it’s me, it is not always possible for other people to judge you as I would. On the contrary, there may have been some people who were disappointed with Little man.”


“People often hear the word ‘free and easy gathering’ in a setting like this… that doesn’t mean that everything is irresponsible. Of course, how you behave and what you say come with responsibility. Some people may forgive ‘boobs’ as a joke after getting drunk with alcohol, while others will not. So if you’re not forgiven, won’t they naturally be angry about it?”

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“…… es…”

I felt despondent and showed some remorse.

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I mean, even though I was drunk, why did you make the promise five months ago… mostly, I’ve had enough of boobs.

Certainly, I dreamed of Sadiz’s boobs.

But, enough, I don’t want to hear about em anymore.

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Generally speaking, Shinobu’s chest is not devastating at all, but she’s a good person and a beautiful woman… and Kron is really cute… well, I haven’t done anything with those two yet… no, but Shinobu confessed to me, also… I think Kron will come to my room tonight… but I can’t say that.

That kind of thing…… that’s… starting with the exchange diary, we then get matching accessories, share a single umbrella as a couple, carve our names on lockets, attach them somewhere, and ring the bells on a hill together… that’s right…… boobs will be an event after becoming a man and a woman who finished going through the process!

I wanted it as an extra prize for winning, and I was wrong!

From the beginning…… I…… was wrong……

“In any case… I’ll give you a little talk in your room.”


At that moment, Sadiz grabbed my arm and dragged me away while emitting a terrifying aura with a very nice smile.

I don’t know when she picked it up, but she was holding my clothes that I had taken off and folded under her arm… I’m naked!?

Ah, they’re thin, but her arms are strong. Resistance? No, now I’m more afraid of going against her.