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“The trial must be fair. That’s why all the rules are created fair”

That’s quite natural. It’s something that can be seen clearly in the additional rules. Only one leader can be chosen. The leader can’t change. In other words, the leader is the only one who has the right of exclusive possession.

“What do you think would happen if the leader retired because sick?”

“That’s…..The leader will be absent. So the right of exclusive possession will also disappear”

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“You’re wrong. In the manual, it was written like this: ?The leader cannot be changed without a legitimate reason?. Don’t you think that ?retirement? is a valid enough reason?”

The only way through which additional rules could be broken is if the leader is in a poor physical condition or if he or she has been injured. I could predict the we would need to find a new leader.

I was able to discover this by looking and analyzing the other rules. For example, it’s established that a base camp cannot be changed without a justifiable reason, but even here the reason was valid enough.

For example, when we were occupying the river side we were unprepared for something like another class taking our spot, and so this applied for a ?justifiable reason? to occupy. You won’t be able to stay at the base camp itself, so if there’s no arrangement and no plan to find a new base camp, you will collapse.

“Then, you, to me…….”

A leader named Horikita Suzune retired and at her place I found myself in her place. Of course, the leader guessed at the end of the exam should have been me. There’s only one leader.

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“That’s also the reason C class knew that and we didn’t receive any damage”

“But wait. Even though Ibuki stole my card, if I had thoroughly protected it……..”

Horikita recalled what happened on the day of the accident.

“Did you drop the card on purpose in that occasion? Well, maybe also Yamauchi’s action gave way for Ibuki to prepare an opportunity to steal the key-card —-”

I was holding the muddy Horikita and I had no choice but to give up the key-card.

“I couldn’t do anything..not knowing what was Ibuki aiming at from the start……”

Right. I mean a girl named Ibuki was suddenly found and picked up by D class.