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Amano, Mizumi, Kousei, and I immediately turned around. So, right there, …Kase-senpai slightly relaxed his face. However, his face immediately went back to the original, stiff expression again. He even coughed a couple times to clear his throat.

“…A-Anyway, we dealt with the problem, right? Sigh, much quieter.”

“Yeah, right-“

“Hey, why are you guys showing me such a warm smile? Don’t do that.”

“It’s not really why, …Gakuto-nii-chan.”

“Very well, let’s battle.”

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At that moment, Kase-senpai loudly got his guns out from who knows where (I hope that’s just a model). All of us squeaked and tried to comfort him.

So, after things calmed down more or less, Mizumi sighed loudly and mumbled displeasedly.

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“However, …who’s that ‘mom’ person? Although it’s impolite to say this, ‘tyrant’ would be a perfect word to describe her. I should say she feels similar to Kase-senpai…”

“Mizumi, who do you think I am, you brat? However, annoyingly, I think I can understand what you said. From her looks, …I think she’s really the same type as me.”

“Hmm? Which type is senpai talking about?”

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Mizumi tilted his head confusedly while Kase-senpai answered calmly.

“We’re people that like to bring ‘competition’ into everything, a tough person that wouldn’t concede until the opponent surrenders. If I had to make a metaphor, -it would be that kind of crazy and admirable people.”