Can I buy fast three online?

Can I buy fast three online?

After that, the first-level lucky players could be shared with the second-level lucky players. The rules were the same. Each player could share with 10 second-level lucky players.

The second-level lucky players would obtain 10 unrestricted ’10 yuan’ coupons.

According to the same rules, they could further branch out to 10 more third-level lucky players who would get five ‘five yuan’ unlimited coupons.

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Pei Qian hoped to give more, but the system would not give in. That was the only way.

In fact, this unlimited coupon was equivalent to giving it away for free. That was because GOG’s skins were cheap to begin with.

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After this spread, it would cover an extremely wide group of players.

One thousand lucky winners would split 10 million yuan;

There would be a total of 100,000 yuan for level one lucky players. Each person would obtain 300 yuan in coupons, totalling 30 million yuan in coupons.

There would be a total of one million level two lucky players. Each person would get 100 yuan in coupons, totalling 100 million yuan in coupons.

There were a total of 10 million yuan for level-three lucky players. Eachtotalling 30 million yuan in coupons, which was a total of 250 million yuan in vouchers.

The coupons that he distributed would be close to 400 million yuan in total. In addition, there would be 10 million yuan in cash.

Ten million yuan might not be able to cover all gamers because the daily active players exceeded 10 million. That meant that monthly active players were close to 30 million. There would be more gamers if he were to add in players who did not play for more than a month after registering.

Those who had not played the game would definitely play it to participate in this event if they heard of it.

Thus, the number of players who would benefit in the end would probably be one-fifth or even less.

This ratio was not bad.

These coupons would not directly spend the money that GOG earned. After all, the skins in the game were all virtual products. There would be no follow-up costs after they were developed.