Webcast on traffic to make money

Webcast on traffic to make money

“This was Tengda’s first game. I dissed it before. In terms of various aspects, this game looks roughly produced. This seemingly carelessly-produced game has also been viewed by many as a black spot in Tengda Games’ history.

“I once thought that this was because Tengda Games had just started out. It must have been limited in terms of costs and the like; that was probably why this game looked so carelessly-produced.

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“But now, I finally understand: I was wrong. Everyone who thought that this was a rubbish game is wrong! If Tengda really took this game to be a black spot in its history, it would have stopped updating it. It would have allowed the game to fizzle out and be destroyed.

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“Yet, they did just the opposite. Tengda knew that this game had already lost its popularity. Not many gamers are still playing it. However, Tengda continued to arrange for it to be updated. Not only did they add five times the number of backgrounds, but they also added the Endless Mode and multiplayer function like I suggested in my video!

“What does this mean?

“This means that Tengda does not view this game as a black spot in its history. Instead, it treats this game as seriously as it does all its other games. With utmost sincerity and passion, Tengda gives back to the loyal players of the game!

“Even though they knew full well that the downloadable content would not recover their capital, they continued to provide it without any hesitation, and at a kind price. Even with five times the content, the game is sold at the same price. It’s so valuable!

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“This proves that The Lonely Desert Road is also a game that Tengda put effort into creating. It’s the same as Game Designer; a work of dark humor and satire. It’s also a part of Tengda’s performance art!

“The summary of this game and the final line that appears on the black screen show that there is a deeper meaning to it!

“What’s more, Tengda is indeed a company that pays special attention to its players. Here, I would like to show off a little: they really listened to the suggestions I made in my video. I do have some level of influence; hiahiahia!”

Teacher Qiao’s special column was downloaded all over. People liked it, and more and more gamers were praising it!

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“Well said! So The Lonely Desert Road has always had such deep meaning!”

“Holy sh*t, this was also in Tengda’s plan, wasn’t it? What a huge plan!”

“I’m more and more interested in Tengda’s boss!”

“From the looks of the situation, we can download any game that Tengda produces from now on. We can also mindlessly buy their downloadable content. They’re persevering with updating such a rubbish game even if they would incur losses doing so. What’s there to worry about?”

Pei Qian read Teacher Qiao’s special column in his office and then fell into deep thought.

“System, can I count it as an expense if I hire a murderer?”

After he got a negative response and a light warning, Pei Qian felt sorrowful.