On the Internet, how is it?

On the Internet, how is it?

“It’s hard to believe you’re a first-year high school girl. I didn’t expect you to have so much stamina.”

Throughout our time together so far, there had been several instances where her physical prowess had piqued my interest, but this had been the most intriguing by a long shot.

“No no, compared to me, you’re not even short of breath, Ayanokōji-senpai… You’re just as outstanding as I thought.”

“I’m just putting on a stoic front. Well, that aside, take a look over there.”

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“Wow─! So many people!”

Nanase, who had more or less caught her breath at this point, expressed her surprise about the sheer number of people bustling throughout the harbor.

Not only could you buy additional supplies here with your leftover provision points, but you could also receive free medical treatment, take a refreshing shower, or even make use of one of the clean, well-kept restrooms.

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It was, so to speak, an oasis for the students. The one and only location on the island where you could let your guard down and relax a bit.

Whether it be those who were just stopping by due to the harbor’s proximity to their last designated area or those who had made the choice to give up on the next few areas and take a break, students with all sorts of goals and motivations had gathered here.

Furthermore, there were a fair number of school officials scrambling to and fro to handle the various needs and services of the harbor.

“So… Why did we come all the way here to the starting area, Senpai?”

“Before that, let’s check out the Task.”

“Ah, yes, I had forgotten about that.”

Just around the time when we stepped foot in area C8 on our way south from the Tug of War Task in C5, another Task had popped up in the starting area.

The Task in question was called ‘Open Water Swimming’.

It entailed a race where the participants would have to swim approximately 2km from start to finish.

While there had been plenty of physically demanding Tasks so far in the exam, the bar had been set drastically higher than usual for this one. Perhaps for that very reason, the Task also boasted the largest reward to date with 20 points.

Since the starting area was such an easy location to access, the Task should fill up fairly quickly. However, the number of students who would actually choose to register would inevitably be limited, given its demanding nature.

It was also worth mentioning that the sea didn’t exactly seem calm today.